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But First, Get Pre-Approved!

But First, Get Pre-Approved! Getting pre-approved is the first step in the home buying process. The pre-approval process commences with…


How Long Will Your Home Last?!

Have you ever wondered about the life expectancy of the components and systems of your home or a home you’re…


Halloween Cleanup Hacks

A week ago you were worried about how to get spooky outdoor Halloween decorations into your life, but now you want to…

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Top 5 Issues Reported on Inspection Reports

Every home, even new construction homes, have imperfections. Some of these flaws can kill a home sale and should be…

Investment Real Estate Rental

Why Rental Properties Should Be Part Of Your Investment Strategy

Buying and holding real estate can be a great investment if done right. It can propel you toward financial freedom….


Cookin’ in Cash: Increase Your Property Value By Remodeling Your Kitchen!

If you want to spice things up with a stylish showpiece in your home, the kitchen is the hottest place…


“Financed by French Fries”

By all appearances, McDonald’s is a world famous hamburgers and fries joint. Encased within this business model, however, lies a…


5 Myths And Truths About Flood Insurance

1. MYTH: MY HOMEOWNER’S POLICY WILL COVER DAMAGE CAUSED BY FLOOD. TRUTH: Flood is not covered under standard homeowners insurance policies….


Five Good Reasons To Have A Pro On Your Side Throughout The New Construction Process

Buying new construction seems simple, right? Just pick out the floor plan you want, choose the perfect lot, and watch…